Song of Peace from Bali

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On the night of the full moon on December 3, 2017, the famous psychologist Carl Jung called it synchronicity. All reports come from, citing Senator Lindsey Graham, who said that “North Korea’s nuclear war is getting worse.” Moreover, North Korea is ready to launch ICBMs to reach the continental United States.

The good news is also on UK (the headquarters of the Daily Express and Sunday Express). “The 2017 Agung eruption will make the Earth much cooler over the next five years.” This conclusion comes after some experts studied the volcanic material that Mount Agung sent into space. A friend who has seen a video of the eruption of Mount Agung needs to know that black smoke can be seen alongside white smoke. The two were at the same time as the same vertex. The spiritual message he wanted to deliver is simple but it’s too deep. “Always black and white”, that is to say errors and improvements mean that they occur in each cycle.

The Seniors de Bali delivered the recipe to their descendants. “RWA B Hinionane Tampi”. As the same smile, I will learn to accept the details of duality, such as bad legislation, bad law, sadness, pleasure. This method recognizes reality and is more difficult to accept this way to reduce malicious awareness through the mechanical armed attempts of modern people. But in reality, it is the mechanical left brain that gives North Korea and the United States the potential to destroy the Earth in a short-term nuclear war. Both thought I was right. Both think their enemies are wrong. Despite this dangerous belief, we can destroy those who believe it is wrong. If it doesn’t stop, not only the enemy but also the earth will be destroyed. Thus, fans of ancient myths, such as Joseph Campbell, have long concluded that modern civilizations facing these gates of danger depend on the left brain of a man only a few thousand years old. Meanwhile, Balinese people millions of years old used a more holistic right brain.

And the 2017 Agungsan eruption hears a very clear and clear story proving in black and white that sadness and joy were born together. Questions about the world of meditation raise duality, right and wrong, along with high walls that do not interfere with the separation from mind through meditation.

The ancient Balinese with Mount Agung seem to be well aware of the fact that all forms of violence on the face of the earth will end unless people learn to embrace duality. † Old people in Bali realize this not only in their heads, but also in their actions and deeds. Other Balinese friends with open spiritual eyes understand that many lower realms want to incarnate in Bali. His face and heart for fear. Balinese elders respect the approach of other traditions and take an interest in these terrifying creatures. Build a house fit for those so-called rock clubs. Not because the elders of Bali worship the devil. Never again.

But it means touch, so black and white is perfect for a smile. Garbage has become a beautiful flower again. Politicians who fight once get another. It is like the rotation of water in nature. The dirty water that society today hates can be drunk. This is how Bali elders celebrate the New Year on Nippy Day. The name of the god Hiang Ambang (usually only). In the words of Western friends: “No more words.” There is nothing more to say, only one thing left: “a very deep smile.”


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